What other types of companies and or organizations join membership into SolarTAC?

Possible members include utility companies, technology developers, project developers, and major end users of solar energy systems. Other members are encouraged to participate as long as their objectives match the SolarTAC mission.


Is there room for the site to expand if more companies join SolarTAC?

There is plenty of room to grow. The City of Aurora owns a total of approximately 1,900 acres adjacent to SolarTAC, and the site is surrounded by open fields. MRIGlobal, the M&O contractor for SolarTAC, and Aurora hope that some members might decide to co-locate manufacturing operations, research, or sales offices for their equipment and systems in the vicinity.


How will SolarTAC protect any proprietary work that the participating companies test?

MRIGlobal worked with the three Founding Members for over 6 months to develop a business model and governance plan for managing SolarTAC in a way that ensures SolarTAC will be a sound business proposition.


What are the safety implications of installing solar panels near an airport?

Several airports have installed solar equipment and technology to supply their energy needs, including DIA, SFO, Fresno Yosemite Int’l Airport, and Long Beach Airport. FAA has reviewed and approved the SolarTAC Site Plan.