Executive Director

Dustin T. Smith

Leads development, operation, and facility engineering for highly technical development projects

Executive Board

(Chaired by the Executive Director)


  • Each Founding Member holds one voting seat
  • A Colorado Collaboratory representative holds one non-voting seat for all four institutions
  • An MRIGlobal representative holds one non-voting seat
  • One voting Sponsoring Member representative for every five sponsoring members


  • Approves budget and decides shared resource allocation
  • Establishes the by-laws, governance, and all policies for SolarTAC
  • Establishes and oversees the M&O contract
  • Approves all Sponsoring Members’ R&D or equipment testing
  • Approves all new members
  • Coordinates between SolarTAC and the Colorado Collaboratory’s Center for Revolutionary Solar Photoconversion
  • Markets SolarTAC to attract new members
  • Establishes technology transfer and IP policies for shared projects

Scientific Advisory Board

(Chaired by the Technical Director)


  • All members (Founding and Sponsoring) hold one seat
  • Colorado Collaboratory institutions hold one seat each


  • Develops technical priorities and key focus areas
  • Recommends the technical program to the Executive Board
  • Advises Executive Board on resource allocation
  • Coordinates Requests for Proposals
  • Recommends shared R&D plan to Executive Board
  • Advises Executive Board on technology transfer

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