Why SolarTAC

Discover the benefits of SolarTAC Membership with Executive Director Dustin Smith

Membership Benefits

Founding Members

  • Permanent seat on the Executive Board and Scientific Advisory Board
  • Full vote in planning the build-out of test site, selecting technologies for “cost-shared” testing, and SolarTAC’s R&D portfolio
  • 5-acre tract of land (expandable) for proprietary performance tests and reliability studies of emerging technology and equipment
  • A lead role in securing public funding from state and federal funding agents to leverage and complement the private investment in SolarTAC
  • Recognition in all publications, presentations, partnerships
  • All benefits of a Sponsoring Member

Sponsoring Members

  • Representation on the Executive Board
  • Permanent seat on the Scientific Advisory Board
  • Voice in planning the build-out of the test site, selecting technologies for “cost-shared” testing and SolarTAC’s R&D portfolio
  • Access to secure, patrolled SolarTAC site for testing solar equipment and components
  • Access to all results of cost-shared testing and R&D
  • Access to trained, on-site personnel to assist with set-up, operation, and maintenance of equipment


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Testimonials from our past and current members ...

Abengoa Solar
Henry W. Price, vice president of technology:

"SolarTAC is an important part of Abengoa's U.S. development approach to new technologies. The facilities and infrastructure at the site allow us to test, then demonstrate key components under development. New technology development is critical for Abengoa to deploy large-scale plants, such as Solana in Arizona, and industrial solar installations, such as the Englewood Correctional Facility. SolarTAC provides a mechanism to advance solar technology deployments and an environment for collaboration among industry, academic, and public laboratories."

Deputy Lab Director for Science & Technology Dana Christensen:

The Alliance for Sustainable Energy is excited to see the SolarTAC vision come to life. This collaboration provides a unique opportunity for evaluation of solar technology performance under real-world conditions and contributes to the National Renewable Energy Laboratory's critical role in developing and testing the next generation of solar energy technologies together with its integration onto the electric grid.”

CEO, Brian Robertson:

We are pleased to be part of SolarTAC to showcase our proven CPV technology in partnership with Xcel energy. CPV solar is the best choice in sunny and dry climates because of its compelling bottom lines. These include the highest efficiency of any solar technology, low levelized cost of energy and the fact that CPV uses no water in the production of energy.”

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